‘The cause of justice is the cause of humanity. Its advocates should overflow with universal good will. We should love this cause, for it conduces to the general happiness of mankind.’
William Godwin

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Aldağ Law/Consultancy continues to work internationally, with its specialized staff and academician support, with a systematic integrity. Our Law Firm uses all of our clients' experiences to offer quick and effective solutions to their legal affairs. Our law office, law offices in other provinces through working together, the clients all over the world and can respond to the needs of lawyers on Turkey's 11 provinces. The scope of the resolution of legal disputes or consultancy services with our solution partners in 11 provinces is expanding considerably. Our vast knowledge and experience are supported by the use of effective technology, which allows us to provide a convenient and practical service when necessary.

Aldag Law/Consultancy, particularly in US, EU, Qatar and Ankara in Turkey, Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Adana, Hatay, Samsun, Konya, Karaman, Diyarbakır, Kayseri, in Turkey, including Nevsehir with that law firm in cooperation in many cities serve their clients.

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Practicing Areas

Aldağ Law and Consultancy pacrticing areas Aldağ Law and consultancy practicing areas

Our office is to provide legal advice in the field of commercial law, wishing to invest directly or indirectly in Europe and to all Turkish companies mainly Spanish and European companies, including British who want to invest in Turkey, we offer legal advice.

This in legal consultancy both in Ankara, Izmir and Turkey's true in many parts / legal person our client, an international trade fair consulting, trade consulting, international import and export consulting and management of all these processes, both foreign nationals law is carried out in accordance with Turkish law. 14-Year Foreign Trade consulting with our experience, we provide our domestic and foreign clients in legal-consulting business in Turkey.

Establishing companies in Europe, especially in Spain and the UK, mergers and acquisitions, opening a representative office or branch, are among our specialties. We also provide consultancy services on English and Spanish foreigners law, immigration legislation. Legal advice in Turkish, English, Spanish, German, Italian, as well as Ukrainian and Russian - Turkish languages in the presence of European and Turkish Courts, while assisting in the collection process of receivables from European companies.

Our main areas of expertise are to check the compliance of international contracts with European and Turkish Law within the framework of international norms and to resolve possible conflicts that may arise in the future due to this relationship. In cases where the competent court is one of the countries in Europe or in Europe, but the law to be applied is Turkish Law, it is to prepare opinions and suggestions to be brought to the case, especially on Turkish Commercial and Obligations Law.

Negotiating, preparing, implementing and enforcing joint venture, consortium and shareholding agreements

Buying and selling of shares and / or assets of companies

Representation of clients before courts and public institutions on mergers and acquisitions

Execution of negotiations, preparation, implementation and enforcement of various local and international agreements such as sales, marketing, consignment, shareholding, confidentiality, procurement, production, license, distributorship, agency contracts and agreement documents.

Preparation of the Turks in Turkey or elsewhere, or the establishment of new commercial enterprises by foreign investors, including companies such as company documents relating to the conduct of negotiations of association and documents

Assisting the board members and managers in corporate governance and control issues, including the responsibility of the representatives and compliance.

Conducting negotiations on dispute resolution

Providing consultancy services on strategic business plans

Legal and consultancy services to the management staff of Limited and Anonymous companies, human resources and accounting units, and consultancy services for linking illegal transactions to legal basis. And also, GDPR-KVKK trainings.

Keeping the personal files in the human resources departments of the clients in accordance with the law, attorney services regarding the decisions of the board of directors

Preparing the employment contracts in accordance with the working models in the workplace and adapting the workplace and work life to the developing conditions according to the case law of the Supreme Court.

Preparation of procedures / regulations for workplace working methods and revision according to the developing conditions of the day

Giving opinions on the basis of incidents to the human resources in the operation of the labor law processes related to the employers' personnel

Participating in collective bargaining negotiations on behalf of the employer and conducting the process

To ensure that human resources services are established on a legal basis by working in coordination with the human resources departments of the companies we provide consultancy services.

Providing guidance consultancy in Collective Bargaining Agreement applications

Ensuring the management of employers' relations with unions on legal ground

Our office provides advocacy and counseling services for the collection of receivables and foreign individuals and companies they have in Turkey and Turkey to a real person. At this point, our main goal is to provide our client with the fastest, most effective and the least costly way. In this context, we provide the following services to our clients.

Advocacy services in the entire legal process related to divorce and its members (Divorce, alimony, custody cases)

Follow-up of all the investigation and prosecution phases that you have opened about you or will become a party as a complainant.



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